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There will be reflective assignments for you to complete that will help you to integrate and apply what you have learned. You do not have to submit your answers, but we strongly recommend that you take your time with each question, as they will deepen your understanding and help you to apply what you have learned in a practical, meaningful way. 

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  • Welcome 
    • Welcome
    • Introduction
    • Share Your Story
    • Start Here
  • The Psychology of Coaching
    • Module Objectives
    • How to Get Clients Excited to Work With You
    • Start As You Mean To Go On
    • How To Structure a Kick Ass Session
    • How to Coach Your Client
    • What is Change Really?
    • Reflective Assignment
  • Archetypes
    • Module Objectives
    • Understanding Archetypes
    • Introduction to the Hero’s Journey
    • Reflective Assignment
  • The Hero’s Journey
    • Module Objectives
    • Hero’s Journey – Webinar
    • Hero’s Journey – Workbook
    • Reflective Assignment
  • Your Story, Pain, Purpose & Patterns
    • Module Objectives
    • Your Story, Pain & Purpose – Webinar
    • Workbook
    • Reflective Assignment
  • S.E.T.T.
    • Module Objectives
    • Overview of S.E.T.T.
    • S.E.T.T. & The Four Pillars – Webinar
    • S.E.T.T. Visualisation Technique
    • Four Pillars of Wellbeing Card Readings
    • How to Perform a Four Pillar Card Reading
    • Live Coaching Demo
    • Summary of S.E.T.T.
    • S.E.T.T Workbook
    • Reflective Assignment
  • Tarot
    • Module Objectives
    • Understanding The Major Arcana
    • The Fool
    • The Magician
    • The Sun
    • High Priestess
    • The Empress
    • The Emperor
    • The Hierophant
    • The Lovers
    • The Chariot
    • Strength
    • The Hermit
    • Wheel of Fortune
    • Justice
    • The Hanged Man
    • Death
    • Temperance
    • The Devil
    • The Tower
    • The Moon
    • The Star
    • Judgement
    • The World
    • Reflective Assignment
  • Managing Your Clients Emotions
    • Module Objectives
    • Why Clients Fail
    • Managing Your Client’s Emotions
    • Getting Inside Your Client’s Brain
    • Coaching for Motivation
    • Becoming Your True Self Activity
    • Reflective Assignment
  • Coaching Your Client to Grow
    • Module Objectives
    • How to Master Your Mind
    • The 5 Levels of Change
    • Coaching Your Client to Grow
    • Adding Mindfulness to Your Coaching Practice
    • Reflective Assignment
  • Certification & Next Steps
    • Save 50-75% on Your Next Course
    • Certification