Mindset for Success Coach Diploma

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There will be reflective assignments for you to complete that will help you to integrate and apply what you have learned. You do not have to submit your answers, but we strongly recommend that you take your time with each question, as they will deepen your understanding and help you to apply what you have learned in a practical, meaningful way. 

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  • Welcome to Mindset for Success Coaching
    • About the Course
    • Start Here
    • A Message from Anne-Marie
    • Your Certification 
  • What is Mindset Coaching?
    • Module Objectives
    • What is Mindset Coaching?
    • What is a Mindset?
    • Neuroscience & Mindset
    • Neuroinfluencers
    • Understanding Genetic Influence in Coaching
    • Case Study Example
    • Reflection Assignment
  • Mindset Coaching & Disciplines
    • Module Objectives
    • Mindset & Emotions
    • How to Create Your Reality
    • Unleashing the Mind’s Potential
    • Strengths in Mindset Coaching
    • Integrating Values in Mindset Coaching
    • Understanding Post-Traumatic Growth
    • The Solution Focused Approach
    • Visualising the Future Script
    • Reflective Assignment
  • Negative Thoughts, Limiting Beliefs and Atomic Habits
    • Module Objectives
    • Understanding and Transforming Negative Thinking Patterns
    • CBT Thought Assessment Tool for Mindset Life Coaches
    • The Inner Critic
    • What are Limiting Beliefs?
    • Challenging Limiting Beliefs
    • Applying the Psychology of Success
    • Integrating “Atomic Habits” into the Psychology of Success
    • Reflective Assignment
  • What Can a Mindset Coach Do?
    • Module Objectives
    • Mindset Coaching for Weight Loss
    • Mindset Coaching for Relationships
    • Mindset Coaching for Abundance
    • Mindset Coaching for Breaking Habits
    • Mindset Coaching for Growth & Intuition
    • Mindset Coaching for Peak Performance
    • Reflective Assignment
  • The Future You
    • Module Objectives
    • The Future You Workbook
  • Understand Your Goals
    • Module Objectives
    • Understand Your Goals Workbook
  • Unlock Your True Blueprint
    • Module Objectives
    • Unlock Your True Blueprint Workbook
  • Who Are You Really?
    • Module Objectives
    • Who Are You Really Workbook
  • Understanding Your Core Beliefs
    • Module Objectives
    • Understanding Your Core Beliefs Workbook
  • How to Change Your Life
    • Module Objectives
    • How to Change Your Life Workbook
    • Reflective Assignment
  • How to Coach Your Clients
    • Module Objectives
    • How to Make Sure Your Clients are Coaching Ready
    • GROW in 4 Steps
    • Get SMART for Successful Outcomes
    • Intrinsic Versus Extrinsic Goals
    • Resources
    • Reflective Assignment
  • Becoming a Practitioner
    • Module Objectives
    • Business Building
    • Nurturing & Empowering Your Clients
    • Soul Awakening Academy Code of Ethics
  • Mindset for Success Quiz
    • Mindset for Success Quiz
    • Ready to Up-Level?
  • Graduation & Certification
    • Competition Time 
    • Certification