Divine Business Blueprint: 6-steps to build a business that attracts high-end clients. 

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  • Welcome
    • This Training
    • A Message From Anne-Marie 
    • Start Here
  • Your Magnetic Message 
    • Module Objectives
    • Activity – Uncover Your Magnetic Message
    • Activity – Define Your Transformation
    • Activity – The Energetic Upgrade
    • Reflective Assignment
  • Raise Your Frequency
    • Module Objectives
    • Why It’s Important To Raise Your Frequency 
    • Workbook – Raise Your Frequency
    • Energetic Alignment – Ritual Workbook
    • Reflective Assignment
  • Build Your Profitable Heart-Led Business
    • Module Objectives
    • How to Create Your Heart-Led Business
    • Workbook – Build Your Profitable Heart-Led Business
    • Activity – Defining Your Goals
    • Activity – Becoming The Very Best Version of Yourself 
    • Reflective Assignment
  • Manifesting Your Best Year
    • Module Objectives
    • Manifesting Your Best Year
    • Download – Your Action Planner
    • Reflective Assignment
  • Create Your Inspirational Brand
    • Module Objectives
    • Introduction to Branding
    • Webinar & Workbook
    • Brand Personality Questions – Part 1
    • Brand Personality Questions – Part 2
    • Brand Personality Questions – Part 3
    • Reflective Assignment
  • Your Story, Purpose & Pain Points
    • Module Objectives
    • Your Story, Purpose & Pain Points Workbook
    • Reflective Assignment
  • The Hero’s Journey
    • Module Objectives
    • Understanding The Hero’s Journey
    • The Hero’s Journey Workbook
    • Reflective Assignment
  • Business Ascension Branding Archetypes
    • Module Objectives
    • Understanding Archetypes
    • Business Ascension Branding Webinar
    • Your Business Archetypes
    • Branding With Archetypes
    • Archetypes List
    • Reflective Assignment
  • Certification and Next Steps
    • Competition Time!
    • Save 50%-75% off Your Next Course
    • Certification