Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Behavioural Coach Diploma

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  • Welcome
    • Welcome
    • A Message from Anne-Marie
    • About Your Certification 
    • Graduation
    • Your Story
    • References
  • Mindfulness Training
    • Module Objectives
    • About the Training
    • What is Mindfulness?
    • The History of Mindfulness
    • Reflective Assignment
    • Quiz
  • Mindfulness in Everyday Life
    • Module Objectives
    • Mindfulness in Everyday Life
    • Mindful Eating
    • Mindfulness as a Way to Reconnect With Your Body
    • Mindfulness as a Way to Take Back Control
    • The Unwanted Guest Exercise
    • Reflective Assignment
    • Quiz
  • Mindfulness Versus Meditation
    • Module Objectives
    • Mindfulness Versus Meditation
    • Mindfulness Beyond Meditation
    • The Breath
    • The Autonomic Nervous System
    • Self-Soothing
    • Reflective Assignment
    • Quiz
  • Mindfulness Meditations
    • Module Objectives
    • Three-Minute Breathing Space Exercise
    • The Seated Meditation
    • Loving-Kindness Meditation
    • The Observer Meditation
    • The Body Scan
    • Reflective Assignment
  • The 8 Core Components of Mindfulness 
    • Module Objectives
    • Core Component 1 – Attention
    • Core Component 2 – Autonomy
    • Core Component 3 – Judgements
    • Core Component 4 – Acceptance
    • Component 5 – Goals
    • Component 6 – Compassion
    • Component 7 –  The Ego
    • Component 8 – Integration
    • Reflective Assignment
    • Quiz
  • Positive Psychology
    • Module Objectives
    • Positive Psychology
    • Mindfulness & Freud’s Psychoanalytic Theories
    • The Body as a Tool For Mindfulness
    • The Monkey Mind
    • Self-Compassion
    • Reflective Assignment
    • Quiz
    • Module Objectives
    • What is MBCC?
    • Why is it Important to Create a Regular Mindfulness Practice?
    • MBCT & MBSR
    • MBCT Resources
    • MAAS+Scale
    • The STOP Technique
    • Recommended Books
    • Mindful Poems
    • MBCC – Emily Coaching Plan Example
    • MBCC – AVA Coaching Plan Example
    • Reflective Assignment
  • Mindfulness Coaching and Exercises
    • Module Objectives
    • Bringing Mindfulness and Coaching Together
    • Coaching Skills
    • Building the Mindfulness Muscle
    • My Good Things Journal
    • Urge Surfing
    • Mindful Colouring
    • Mindful Psychology Exercises
    • What Do You Believe?
    • Reflective Assignment
  • Certification
    • Graduating
    • Ready to lead retreats, workshops & healing circles?
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