Introduction to Trauma-Informed Relationship Coaching Diploma

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  • Welcome
    • Welcome
    • Start Here
    • A Welcome Message From Anne-Marie 
    • Your Certification
    • Book Suggestions
    • Love Languages Test
    • Reflective Assignment
  • Addicted to Love?
    • Module Objectives
    • Love Addiction
    • The Impact on Wellbeing
    • Breaking the Cycle
    • Learning to Love Again
    • Love-Based Values
    • Love-Based Values Activity
    • Coaching Activity
    • Love Manifestation Journal
    • Reflective Assignment
  • Trauma Bonds
    • Module Objectives
    • What is a Trauma Bond?
    • Characteristics of a Trauma Bond
    • Trauma Bond in Love
    • How to Recognise a Trauma Bond in Love
    • How to Spot a Trauma Bond in a Client
    • Real Life Scenarios
    • Reflective Assignment
  • Learned Behaviours in Love
    • Module Objectives
    • What are Learned Behaviours in Love?
    • The Origins of Learned Behaviours 
    • Recognising Learned Behaviours
    • How to Unlearn Unhealthy Behaviours 
    • Addressing Past Hurts and Unlearning Behaviours
    • Coaching Activity
    • Reflective Assignment
  • Understanding Schemas in Love
    • Module Objectives
    • The Differences Schemas & Learned Behaviours 
    • Schemas in Relationships
    • Positive Love Schemas
    • Negative Love Schemas
    • Transforming Negative Schemas
    • Healing from Negative Love Schemas
    • How to Help Clients Change a Negative Schema
    • Coaching Activity
    • Reflective Assignment
  • Attachment Styles
    • Module Objectives
    • Attachment Theory
    • The Four S’s of Attachment
    • Secure Attachment
    • Anxious/Preoccupied Attachment 
    • Dismissive/Avoidant Attachment 
    • Disorganised/Fearful-Avoidant Attachment
    • Skills to Secure Attachment
    • Stepping into Secure Attachment
    • Falling in Love with Myself Again Journal
    • Coaching Activity
    • Reflective Assignment
  • How to Recognise the Signs of Healthy versus Toxic
    • Module Objectives
    • How to Recognise a Toxic Love Relationship
    • Key Signs You’re in a Toxic Love Situation
    • Outgrowing Toxic Love Affirmations
    • How to Recognise You’re in a Healthy Love Relationship
    • Key Signs You’re in a Healthy Love Situation
    • Self Worth & Self Love Affirmations
    • Heart Chakra Tapping Video
    • Coaching Activity
    • Reflective Assignment
  • Graduation
    • Leave a Review
    • Certification
    • What Next?